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Not only is wind energy a great source of clean and renewable energy, it is also a means to protect consumers in Texas from terrible energy price surges. This was one of the benefits highlighted when the state’s wind generation has kept the prices of electricity down in the state. This was despite scorching heat waves that has ravaged a lot of states and regions in the country.

According to Bloomberg, spot prices, which is the cost of any service or goods in a particular time, has jumped to amazing rates. The skyrocketing prices of energy were evident in places and regions that surround Texas; the western hub has increased to $44.27 per megawatt –hour to an average of $84.83. And the figures on the eastern bug, prices are up $26.64 which is a 50% increase to $79.86 per megawatt –hour.

You would not believe what prices are in Texas. Spot prices for power fell 48 cents to hit $46.09 per megawatt-hour. This amazing rate was despite terrible heat up to 96 degrees Fahrenheit in Washington, DC.

Wind power provides about 9.9% of total electricity used in the ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas Inc.) region. And even when wind energy is also competitive as natural gas and coal, a study revealed by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has showed that states that had the most capacities to provide wind energy has seen a slight drop of electricity prices from 2008 to last year. Compared to other states that do not use wind energy, the price of electricity even increased by 8%.

And aside from helping consumers save on their electricity costs, wind power is a cushion that protects consumers from the varying prices in electricity. Oftentimes, high temperatures increase electricity remands; when the temperature is hot, consumers use more energy to cool their homes while cold temperatures also increase the demand for power as consumers need to heat their homes. Texas has the biggest wind capacity compared to other states and this creates a cushion to protect its residents from terrible changing rates in electricity. ERCOT has even dealt with fewer blackouts thanks to Texas’ efficient wind generation.

Michael Goggin, analyst from AWEA has mentioned: “Wind energy reduces electricity prices and that is good for consumers.” He added: “Wind energy has no fuel costs, allowing it to replace more expensive and polluting sources of energy.”

One of the most controversial topics that local police departments use is civil forfeiture, where they can just take your stuff and you have to prove that you legally bought it. John Olivers great piece explains the issue.


Obama daughtersIt is not a secret that the president and his wife Michelle lived normal lives before they got their law degrees. The president worked as Baskin-Robbins as an ice cream vendor, waited on tables in a seniors’ facility and even worked as a painter; his wife worked as an employee in a book binding shop. Both earned minimum wages and both would like their daughters to experience the same treatment as The Huffington Report reported last week.

Michelle Obama once said in a Parade magazine interview: “I think every kind needs to get a taste of what it’s like to do that real hard work.” The president added: “We are looking for opportunities for them to feel as if going to work and getting a paycheck is not always fun, not always stimulating, not always fair.” And he mentioned: “But that’s what most folks go through every single day.”

The first family has been very public about their lives but the couple has tried so much to keep their daughters away from the public eye while they stayed in the White House. Malia is 16 and Sasha is 13. Malia is spotted working as a production assistant for the day.

At present, the president has focused on issues that will ensure equal pay for women, improving early childhood education and increasing minimum wage. These issues may not be too popular in congress but has captured Democratic voters everywhere. Obama therefore has to keep Democrats in control of the Senate after the midterm elections in November. According to reports, Republicans have a strong chance to secure a majority position and also have a chance to control the House of Representatives.

In a recent interview of the first couple, they talked about how hard it was to live on minimum wage. They had to live in the second floor of Michelle’s mom’s house, had a $1,000 car and were pressured with student loans and caring for small children. They also mentioned that their careers gave them a chance to improve their lives which is impossible for minimum wage earners to do so. They had a better income, were able to negotiate family leaves when they needed to go on leaves which are also totally impossible with minimum wage earners to do so these days as well.

The president mentioned in the interview: “But what it made me think about was people who were on the clock. If you’re an hourly worker in most companies, and you say, ‘I’ve got to take three days off,’ you may lose your job. At minimum, you’re losing income you can’t afford to lose.”

The first couple’s interview is set to run on Parade this Sunday.